Our Products




Advance dashboard withmultiple charts and notifications

Admin Panel

Managing sessions, acadamic syllabus, students, media, student information and admit bulk students, managing teachers, accountants, librarian, transportation etc.

Student Panel

Class Routine, exams marks, study materials, assignments, holiday dates, communication with teachers and admin.

Librarian Panel

Managing books, messaging.

Parent Panel

Children marks, attendance, payment gateway, holiday dates, student calender, messaging.

Invoice System

All invoices can be managed edit, payment, both paid and unpaid invoice are managed

Accountant Panel

Manage payments, loan management, expense sheet and students data with outstanding and receivable reports


More than 10 languages have been translated in the school system.

Hostel Manager Panel

Managing dormitory, daily attendance for hostel students.

SMS Gateway

The payment gateway has been integrated to our school management system

Internal Messaging

Users can send messaged from one user to another users with our internal messages

Manage Event

The software has been developed to managed all event and message will be sent via phone.

General Settings

Admin can easily edit system information, set languages and many others.


Responsive dashboard that covers all system reports like payment, teacher and student attendance etc.


Various charts have been added to the school system for monitoring of the system.

Teachers Panel

Managing students, student information, mark sheets, daily attendance, assignment classes, messaging.