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Over the years, companies have been relentlessly working towards achieving employee satisfaction by providing various facilities and services to their employees.

Company transport is the most important of them all that has a direct impact on employee’s productivity. Employees interact with the transport team the first thing when they start their day for work, a poor transport experience, at the start of the day, can have great impact on how employee feels for rest of the day. Hence it becomes imperative for employers to ensure that employees experience a timely, hassle-free and safe commute to work and be highly motivated to start their day at work.

Smart TMS a SaaS based end to end Employee Transportation Management System developed by PRiSTOLOGY Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. is designed to improve employee’s transportation experience by effectively addressing their issues and help companies efficiently manage relationships with the employees and the vendors.



Employees will schedule the shift and as a onetime requirement they will have to share the pick & drop point location with the app for it to record the exact latitude and longitude of the drop point, this can be modified in case of address change.


Company/Vendor will prepare the roster based on location shared by the employee. Exact location of the employee will be considered for routing and sequence in which employees are to be picked or dropped will be prepared resulting in no wastage of time for employees due to improper routing and help in effective capacity utilization. Roster details will be shared with the employees and the drivers through the app.

Back to Back trip scheduling is possible, that is, a driver can drop the employees and pick up the employees of next shift falling on the same route. Helps companies significantly save on trips and costs.


Panic button is provided on the app used by the employees and the drivers to instantly notify the company about any panic situation. Multiple emails and SMS will be sent to get the desired attention of the concerned authorities towards the situation.

Any deviation from the route will initiate auto alerts, emails and SMS to the company and the employees in the cab.

Automated IVR calls will be made to female employees to confirm safe reach and the responses will be recorded.

No contact details will be shared between the driver and the employee since all the communication and calls will happen through the app. Company can exactly keep records of calls made between the employees and the driver.


Employees can track real-time cab movement and a notification is sent to them as soon as the cab reaches within 1 km radius of the pickup point so that the employee can be ready at the pickup point in timely manner and avoid causing inconvenience to other employees in the cab. No communication is required with the driver here, if the communication is needed, driver and the employee can use the calling facility in the app.


Employees will have to share an OTP at the time of pick-up tracking their exact time of trip start and end time.


Entire billing process is automated, and bills can be generated and managed on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. The solutions support all types of billing models, be it cabs hired on a monthly engagement (monthly package) model, KM based billing, etc. Companies will have exact KM used by the cab in a month for proper billing.


Driver and Vehicle KYC are centrally managed. Companies and vendors are notified about the expiration of all the compliance related documentation a month prior to actual expiration date enabling them to be proactive and not reactive. Cab will not be available for service if compliance requirements are not met.


A weekly survey is taken by the employee to rate the transport facility and provide any feedback to make their experience better. A weekly report will be sent by the system highlighting the major concerns that requires immediate attention.


Employers can create customized dashboard and reports to get the insights required and optimize the process for better results.

We are determined to provide better transportation experience to your employees. This product can help you simplify, automate and record all the routine activities and improve overall satisfaction of your employees. We have covered almost every functionality to efficiently manage employee transportation however if there are any unique needs and customization is needed, talk to us and we will make it the way you want it.

Pricing is competitive, its been 3 months the product is up and running and we are already managing about 115 cabs per day with 200 trips on a daily basis.

Get in touch to improve your employee’s transport experience and attain satisfaction.

For pricing details and further discussion, please email us to at info@pristology.com and we will get back to you.